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June 28th is Get in Line for the iPhone Day

iPhone Coming June 29Apple released several commercials on Sunday touting the features of the iPhone. They can be viewed on the Apple web site. “Calamari” shows how to search for local restaurants; “Never Been an iPod” demonstrates album searching, watching videos, and taking a call; and “How To” shows how it works. The fine print near the end of each ad says “Use requires minimum new 2 year activation plan.”

The iPhone will be available on June 29th, (a Friday? Why a Friday? the last weekday of the quarter?), but supposedly stores aren’t allowed to accept pre-orders or create a waiting list. So you’ll need to get in line the day before if you want one.

Strangely, the ads wouldn’t show on my Powerbook’s Safari, but would play fine in Firefox 2. In Safari I only get the audio, no video. Quicktime 7.1.6, OS X 10.4.9. Safari 2.0.4.

10 Responses to “June 28th is Get in Line for the iPhone Day”

  1. Brandon, I’m with you. Two years ago on April 1st, Tidbits put out a story about “Apple’s Newly Announced PDA.” I bought it hook, line and sinker. My pulse was racing, I was ready to list my Treo on ebay. Then my wife said, “You nerd! It’s probably an April Fool’s joke.” Sure enough it was.

    Well, I’ve got that same excitement again. I’ve been waiting for this kind of a product from Apple since the late 90’s!

  2. I really do want to have my own iPhone. In fact, I may very well be waiting outside for Cingular to open so I can get my very own iPhone. I just hope that my sucky credit rating won’t be a problem.

  3. I know I’ll be in line on June 28th, either at the Apple Store at Lenox (Atlanta) or the main Cingular/ATT store in Atlanta. I don’t think I’ve ever anticipated a product launch quite as much.

    I’m looking forward to having my hands on an 8GB iPhone at 10 AM on the 29th (or as soon as they’ll let me in the door).

  4. So what about all the people (myself included) who are in 2 year contracts with Cingular / AT&T already?  I had to get a new phone just days before the iPhone was announced.  Will I have to wait a year and half before I can get one?  I’m hoping that Apple has set it up that the price is always $499 for everyone but that you have to have a 2 year contract to get service with it.  I assume the iPhone will be like all their other products which receive updates yearly and there will always be that small niche that wants the cutting edge.  I need some questions answered already.

  5. Steiner

    I had the same trouble with viewing it Safari, but a simple refresh of the page worked wonders.

    I am in Europe so if I get in line on the 28th I will be camping for a good long while. I think I will pass this time.

  6. Yeah, I had to refresh the web page for each ad before they would show. Otherwise, all I got was audio only too.

    As for standing in line at the Apple store, don’t bother. Jobs has already said that don’t plan on buying an iPhone at an Apple store (at least initially). It will be MUCH easier to get one at an ATT/CIngular store as most people will have no idea what the heck it is… :P


  7. Loshem

    I wish there was an Apple Store in Talahassee where I could stand in line but there isn’t so I have to order off the internet :(