Joost Confirms Volpi as CEO

As expected, Joost is announcing former Cisco exec Mike Volpi will be its new CEO. We first wrote about this last week after hearing rumors for the last month or so, which paidContent confirmed.

Volpi told us Monday he will be moving to London for the job. “I come from the infrastructure side but I hate to pigeonhole myself,” he said.

The challenge, as Volpi described it, is succeeding at content acquisition, advertising effectiveness, and technical functionality. “Bringing these three pieces together is going to be hard,” he said.

This vortex of funding, anticipation, and beta launches in the Internet TV space is getting intense. The latest signal is competitors telling us tales about advertisers grumbling about the performance of their ads on Joost. But it’s super early — the software has only recently been available in stable form — so we’re waiting for time to tell.

Om has the complete interview with Mike Volpi over on GigaOM.