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Apple iPhone ads make you want to stand in line now


If you haven’t seen the Apple iPhone television ads just yet, you can view them directly on the web; even in high-def. James and I were chatting on Skype this morning and both of us came to similar conclusions:

  • Aside from designing products with ‘wow factor’, Apple is excellent at marketing that ‘wow’
  • A similar interface approach could go a long way with Windows Mobile devices and UMPCs or other touchscreen Tablet PCs
  • Regardless of the missing 3G support (a stable for us on the run), the ads just make you want this device

Neither of us is a current AT&T customer, but come June 29th….well; who knows?!?

18 Responses to “Apple iPhone ads make you want to stand in line now”

  1. Yeah, have to say no to the iPhone too I’m afraid. Unlike Steve Jobs, I like hard plastic buttons on my phone, and as pretty as it is, you’re going to have to be quite diligent with a cleaning cloth to keep it pristine, what with all the gunk and face oils you’ll be rubbing into it (people are disgusting). The interface is pretty, but my pda can already do everything it purports to do and more (ie. download/play youtube vids :D ) – and not having a card slot ruins any chance of me using it to playback pictures that I’ve just taken from my digital camera. Thanks, but no thanks.

    ps: now, if it didn’t have the phone function, had a 30-60Gb HD and a card slot, then Cha-CHING!

  2. As I watched the ads, every time the phone rang I kept thinking, “I wonder if you can “turn off” the phone?” I think it would be very annoying to be surfing or flicking through your music only to be interrupted by a phone call.

    Can you tell that I don’t have a “converged” device right now?

  3. What the iPhone will do that other phones will not is iTunes. Yes, I can almost guarantee you it will work seamlessly with the iTunes music/ video store. That’s Apple’s whole point with the iPhone.

  4. Don't Panic!

    No iPhone for me. Heck I don’t even have an iPod. That being said my girlfriend and I watched the ad last night and she was totally convinced I would be getting one.

  5. If I read some of the comments right the iphone will not have an accessible sim card… does that mean you need to go to ATT to have the sim put in? …that you can’t buy one on ebay and pop your sim in? …that the number attached to that sim is it and you can’t swap between phones? That was one of the many things i hated about Verizon and love about Cingular… err… ATT

    I recently sold my HTC p3600 and went back to using a Blackjack. Why? Because while I loved much about the P3600 I missed the tactile keys of the Blackjack. As much as I wanted to convince myself, an on-screen keyboard is just not as good as a tactile one.

  6. Hi, Aaron. It could be that the N-series devices have better processors or something; I’ve heard pretty good things about them. The N95 sounds like a pretty awesome device. I was never really attracted to the E62… The E90 is on my list, but it hasn’t been released yet! I’ll keep your experience in mind.

    The thing is, I’m annoyed with WinMo browsers (though Opera Mini is tolerable). And I won’t go back to Palm because a) I don’t like the browser, b) I don’t like the lack of true multitasking, c) Sony isn’t making Palm devices anymore.

  7. Aaron Walker

    Cheryl, I have a Symbian device (Nokia E62), I would much prefer a Windows Mobile device even for the simple things.

    The OS is slow, no mutlitasking, there is a significant shortage of third party apps, and their preloaded calendar app sucks with no API allowed for Today screen plug ins.

    I don’t have the data plan however so I can’t talk about surfing the net or how the browser works but for the basics beyond simply making phone calls, I truly, truly regret the day I signed on the dotted line to go with Symbian.

    If you have something against Windows Mobile, then I would recommend Palm over Symbian or even swallow hard and get the iPhone, but the Symbian OS leaves me frustrated many, many times a day EVERYDAY.

  8. The funny thing is… when it comes down to all that massive, wonderful flexibility of Windows Mobile devices, here’s what I do with my Cingular (AT&T?) 8525:

    – Make phone calls
    – Email (usually to my flickr account)
    – Text Message
    – Surf the web
    – Look up passwords in eWallet (that’s not a plug; I am *dependent* on Ilium Software eWallet! Start putting your passwords in any kind of password manager and you’ll get stuck too.. )
    – Make shopping lists in ListPro

    That’s it. I also have an iPod for listening to music.

    I have a funny feeling the iPhone would do me just fine. (Why don’t I have one? Because I’m impatient and foolish like most gadget consumers. I’m otherwise a Mac person.)

    I really love the iPhone ads. They show you the interface. When was the last time you saw someone *DOING SOMETHING* on an actual phone? Not standing there, poking at it as they play music, watch Shakira dance in the street, whatever.. but actually using the phone? When was the last time you saw a phone with an interface really worth looking at, or that makes you go wow, that’d be fun to use! ?

    Gadget hounds are never going to get exactly what they want, because what they want is such a personal pie-in-the-sky thing that no company would make it or sell it for cheap. ;) Giant screen! huge screen resolution! 10 hour battery! Runs all my windows apps! Is a phone! Gps! 180GB hard drive! Full size keyboard that folds up to fit in my pocket! 10MP autofocus camera with Carl Zeiss optics! Fits in cargo pants with no modifications!

    End sarcasm :)

  9. Aaron Walker

    No, Kevin, I can resist the iPhone.

    Albeit it is a nice looking device, it (or any Apple product really) isn’t that nice looking for me to switch and I am already with AT&T.

    Once the hype wears off, the iPhone will be just another phone in pretty packaging. It doesn’t do anything several dozen Windows Mobile phones already do. And if the big selling point is touch, it’s a big yawner for me. Apple can keep their iPhone.

  10. Forgot to mention that I don’t think the ads necessarily imply that the iPhone is an iPod first. I think they focus on the iPod functionality first to establish a point of reference with the viewer, since that’s what most people associate with Apple.

  11. It’s true that WM6 devices (and Symbian S60 devices) are probably more powerful and flexible than the iPhone, but that’s not the point. The iPhone is supposed to be a smartphone for the regular consumer market. And since most regular consumers interested in a device like this would probably just text, do a bit of e-mail, and browsing on their phones, the iPhone covers these functions really well (supposedly).

    I have an MDA right now, and though I used to run a lot more apps on it when I first got it, I mainly just browse, sometimes type out shopping lists, and make phone calls on it. I hate IE, and while Opera Mini is much better, I still am not crazy about it. That’s why I’m considering a Symbian device. The S60 browser gets lots of raves, so I’m curious to try it out. I’d love to get my hands on a Nokia N95…

    I’m not getting an iPhone because a) I don’t want to move to AT&T, and b) I’m waiting to see 1st-gen bugs shaken out. The iPhone ads I saw last night, while not terribly slick and creative, effectively showed off what you can do with the iPhone, and they made me excited to see one in person. I think they did their job.

  12. I’m not predicting they will offer unlocked iPhones. I’m predicting they will sell to buyers who want an iPhone, but not the phone service, and let them sign up for AT&T later.

  13. Jose R. Ortiz

    I don’t doubt that eventually you won’t need AT&T service to have the iPhone (if you want to pay the premium on eBay for an unlocked version when they start popping up), but I highly doubt it will be through Apple since AT&T holds an exclusivity contract. Either way, I’m not hyped up about the iPhone. It looks great and all but I feel like a WM6 device has a lot more flexibility. I’m much more excited about the HTC Shift and Kaiser and not to mention the rumors of a multi-touch device being announce by HTC tomorrow! If the iPhone were simply a 6G iPod with an 80 GB or > HDD then I would definitely get it, but I’ll pass on the iPhone for now.

  14. You can count me in with your conclusions, but I think you and James will have the opportunity to buy the iPhone without phone service, negating your concerns over not being with AT&T.

    As the ads illustrate, the iPhone is an iPod first, a phone second. This, coupled with the apparent lack of subsidized pricing and Apple’s desire to control sales and pricing, leads me to believe it can be bought without phone service to be used as an iPod and wifi-powered Internet device, although I’m sure many such buyers will sign up for phone later. This would make it accessible to those who want the iPhone now but can’t switch carriers yet.

    I’ve posted this prediction and others on Scribbles:

  15. No iPhone for me….

    I want something with buttons. The touch screen works and is nice sometimes, but other times I want to be able to tap a e-mail out and on screen keyboards suck. I don’t see the point of having the wide screen and only having 8 gb of storage either.

  16. Michael Venini

    They really didn’t do anything for me. If anything, I think it’s not Apple’s best ads.

    It shows me I can navigate with my finger. But what else does it do? It plays videos, and music. And you have email(But it doesn’t show you it will be painfully to write emails). And finally a Phone.

    Is that worth $600? The ads didn’t convince me it is.

    Not don’t get me wrong I think the iPhone looks cool. But the ads didn’t convince me of that.