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Hearst-Argyle in Local TV Rev-Share Deal With YouTube

In YouTube’s first revenues sharing deal with a local TV station group, Hearst-Argyle Television, one of the largest local station groups, will distribute news, weather and entertainment video to the video sharing site. Hearst will receive an undisclosed portion of the revenue generated from advertising sold against the video clips it makes available to YouTube…The stations include WCVB in Boston and KCRA in Sacramento, CA, and other Hearst-Argyle stations will follow. Not that this will move the needle too much on any of the sides: hoping to attract younger audience just by posting local TV video on YouTube is well, wishful thinking.

One Response to “Hearst-Argyle in Local TV Rev-Share Deal With YouTube”

  1. keep their toes to the fire rafat!

    i did notice an interesting line in their announcement though… something about extending their content outside their market. that is a total 180 from the traditional think of local tv people.

    i know, i wear scars.