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YouTube Sponsors Rocketboom

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Andrew Michael Baron, who has been publicly opining about new models for monetizing online video, announced today his pioneering video show Rocketboom is launching a sponsorship system, with YouTube being the first participant, starting tomorrow.

rbsponsor.jpgThe sponsorships are selling for a significant price of $3000 per episode until September 1, and $5000 after that, with discounts for startups. They consist largely of a static post-roll ad in addition to various promotions.

Baron wrote on his personal blog,

I’m extremely proud to kick off this Monday with YouTube as our first sponsor. Regarding the broad topic of “video online”, in my personal opinion, there is not a single other group in the world that has done more to democratize the moving image.

Interestingly, Rocketboom did not have a YouTube account prior to the new relationship. The show has made a number of groundbreaking distribution deals for TiVos and the like, but has done little to utilize the viral capabilities of web video — as Baron puts it, “It’s amazing to think we have made it this far without any flash distributions.”

With YouTube, Rocketboom will not only get in front of the biggest online video audience in existence, but also be much easier to share, embed, respond to, and subscribe to through the web browser.

9 Responses to “YouTube Sponsors Rocketboom”

  1. Southern Hicks

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  3. meanguy

    Rocketboom view counts on YouTube are rather eye opening. 65 subscribers and fewer than 200 views per show? Wow.

    I’d describe it as a train wreck — but videos of a train wreck would actually get watched on YouTube.

    Also: the “sponsorships” aren’t paid. These are freebies in the time-honored tradition of street musicians putting a few of their own bills in the tip jar. We’ll see if anyone jumps in.

    Meanwhile it’s June and the dude hasn’t sold a single ad yet this year. BusinessWeek busted him lying about his viewership claims so I bet that doesn’t help close deals.

    Rocketboom is a horrible waste of a perfectly good trust fund.