Ready for Boston TiVo Party?


All you Red Sox Fans, we have some good news for you, especially if you have a Comcast cable connection. Pretty soon, your set-top box will get a TiVo makeover, which means it will be easier than ever to record your league leading Sox pound on my New York Yankees. (It has been that kind of year!) Given that the upgrades are going to be available in parts of Southeast Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Metro Boston in August 2007, there is a good chance you want to TiVo the games in order to see what went wrong. (Wishful thinking on my part!)

TiVo CEO Tom Rodgers outlined the details in a conference call with Wall Street analysts to discuss the first quarter earnings. He said Cox is likely to roll out TiVo-enhanced set-top box by end of the year. What is most interesting about this news is that Comcast is rolling out TiVo service in a region where it is locked in a fierce battle with Verizon & its FiOS service.



Check out this crazy list of StreetView sightings:


Om Malik


that does sound like a good idea, though i would prefer the safe confines of the yankee stadium. don’t you think? good seats as well – lets plan on a game!

bijan sabet

by the way, i’m a yankees fan living in hostile waters. come out and we’ll see a game together! or maybe let’s meet in nyc instead.

Om Malik


so for a couple of weeks i don’t read your blog, and I get punished. Anyway I am not sure we can afford you! You are too good ;-)

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