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What's on GigaNET: Weekend Edition

How to set up a productive virtual workspace: You’re mobile, you work perhaps with multiple Operating Systems, and your work is entirely digital these days. But the pull of distractions on the Internet can ruin anyone’s productivity. To be able to do your work from any computer, set up a virtual workspace online that will keep you productive, giving you quick access to what you need without all the distractions. Continue reading.

Usenet, the Original Piracy Hotbed: So you think piracy is primarily taking place on BitTorrent, eMule and Gnutella? Think again. There is a whole parallel universe out there with people trading huge amounts of DVDs, TV shows, warez and porn. Three terabytes of new content every single day, to be precise. Welcome to Usenet, the original piracy hotbed. Continue reading.

Hey Founders: Shut Up and Listen : Speak less, listen more, and other lessons founders can learn from journalists. Continue Reading.