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NWS-DJ: How Bancrofts Came Around; Meeting Scheduled For Monday

NYT and WSJ both have detailed stories on how the Bancrofts came around to at least be willing to meet Rupert Murdoch and consider other sales options as well.
— WSJ: Behind the Bancrofts’ Shift at Dow Jones
— NYT 1: How the Bancrofts Decided to Talk With Murdoch
— NYT 2: Some on Journal Staff Voice Wish That Different Bidder Would Emerge

Also in that WSJ story — the Bancroft-Murdoch meeting is scheduled for Monday; “the meeting is expected to deal solely with issues related to journalistic integrity.” The Bancrofts will be joined by M. Peter McPherson, non-executive chairman of the DJ board and president of the National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges.