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YouTube in your pocket, yes you can!

Youtube_logoI’m on a media kick today, so be forwarned! I’ve got the SlingPlayer Mobile beta client for Windows Mobile 6 running as I write this (more to follow on that) and I also see that you can now play YouTube vids in TCPMP on your Windows Mobile device. Check SourceForge for the plug-in that lets you download and view YouTube and other FLV files right on your handheld without any conversion. If "Inside Edition" wasn’t so engrossing right now on my T-Mobile Dash, I’d go check the plug-in; just can’t tear myself away from this segment on a self-proclaimed exorcism minister. $42 million in donations and he claims no salary….OK, and I’m fake Steve Jobs. ;)

7 Responses to “YouTube in your pocket, yes you can!”

  1. Only for you Mark. Since you spilled the beans, now we have to turn it off for everyone! ;) Actually the CAPTCHA should be on, so I’ll look into it and make sure it’s working properly. Sorry; it’s the price we pay to keep the SPAM down.

  2. RobertP

    Yes it does. I leave my home PC (with TV tuner) on all the time and stream television to my phone. I already had the equipment and couldn’t see spending the money on the Slingbox.