What’s better than HDTV, Ultra HD of course


Now that HDTV is becoming quite the buzzword, it is time to start looking for something newer, shinier and prettier. How about UltraHD, a new technology developed by Japan’s NHK’s (Nippon Hoso Kyokai) Science and Technical Research Laboratories that makes today’s HDTV look like something out of the 1920s. It is sixteen times the quality of today’s HDTV.

A Super Hi-Vision (SHV) picture is made up of 4,320 horizontal picture lines and 7,680 vertical lines. That’s four times the horizontal and vertical resolution of current HDTV

While it isn’t likely to show up at Best Buy anytime soon — they are still working on chips, sensors and other details — it does give you a chance to see where it will all eventually go. Japan was one of the early adopters of HDTV and now we are seeing the same technology being sold everywhere in the U.S., with television networks broadcasting HD shows.


Richard Graton

They’ve been showing this at NAB for a long time. They set up a special theatre for it and show off the camera. Pretty cool.

The format doesn’t accommodate fast movement in the shot well… it is pretty easy to see compression artifacts too.

But when you get a nice shot with a static camera the feeling really is strangely immersive. Would be fantastic for a movie like Baraka, Powaqaatsi, Koyanisqaatsi, etc.

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