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NBC’s Leftovers Now ‘Lunchbreak’ Laughs

NBC Universal premiered “The Lunchbreak Show” this week. The DotComedy spin off is sponsored by also-ran fast food chain Arby’s. Viewers can sign up for a notification email to be alerted when the show starts, and there’s even a boss button in case Sarah Silverman gets a little too potty-mouthed for the workplace. Arby’s will also offer coupons for specials on their menu items.

The Lunchbreak Show

The half-hour show is looped from noon until 2 p.m. every weekday, and features clips from late-night shows, comedy series, web shorts and standups. Today’s lineup features web sketch “Zeroes,” some old SNL clips, bits from Conan and Leno, standups Maria Bamford and Kjell Bjorgen and, of course, ads for Arby’s and a trailer for Universal’s “Balls of Fire.”

While the press release did give me a laugh, it was more of the unintentionally funny variety. It kicks off with a statistic that’s actually pretty depressing:

According to a recent survey by Kelton Research, nearly 60 percent of office workers in the U.S. spend their lunch breaks at their desks looking for distractions.

While that’s good news for online video, it certainly illustrates why Americans are so damn fat. Chained to a desk watching clips of 30 Rock while washing down your Beef n’ Cheddar and curly fries with a Jamocha shake strikes me as fodder or some sort of Dantean dystopia.

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