LG C1 Tablet review: Digital Media Thoughts

Lg_c1_tablet_pcLooking for a small Tablet PC that’s bigger than a UMPC but smaller than most other tablets? The LG C1 Tablet fits that bill with its widescreen 10.6-inch display and Jason Dunn provides an extensive review over at Digital Media Thoughts. There’s no question that the LG C1 is a portable powerhouse; something that’s evidenced by Jason’s benchmarking and testing. The compromise as it so often is: marginal to poor battery life. LG provides both a 3- and 6-cell battery with the C1 and for good reason: Jason got about 1.5 hours in a real world setting on the 3-cell. If you can forgo battery life for raw power in a small touchscreen tablet, this review is for you. I should warn you about the included stylus though; Jason found the telescoping pen to be quite an issue. Luckily you can use whatever stylus you want, or your finger, due to the touchscreen.


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