iView Media Pro Receives Upgrade, Officially Becomes Expression Media


MS Expression MediaBefore my eyes could completely focus this morning, I was checking my email and preparing for the day ahead. Waiting for me in my Inbox was the notice that Microsoft (who bought iView Media Pro) had released their update to the much-loved media cataloging application.

Expression Media is the new iView Media Pro, and is an upgraded version of iVMP3. Licensed users of the pre-Microsoft app get this update for free, and are issued a new license for Expression. And while it’s an ‘upgrade’, it is in fact a whole new app, so you could technically run iVMP3 and Expression Media side by side if you’re still queasy about Microsoft’s commitment to the software.

I’ve only just given it a once-over this morning, but it looks fine. The icons and such have been updated, and there’s color-coding on the information tabs, but beyond that not much in the way of major change has stood out. That of course doesn’t mean it’s not below the surface, I just haven’t gotten there yet.

Give it a look, and if you’re a registered user, get your new/free version and give it a spin.



I too have stuck with iview and have been happy with my 2.6 version- i just upgraded to leopard and the license code is not being recognized- Anyone have thoughts on the fix for this?



quite some time has passed – do you already have a solution for using iView Media Pro together with Leopard? I plan to upgrade to Leopard (I’ve got a Powermac G5, so Snow Leopard is no option for me), so I would like to know, if iView Media Pro still works…



Hi Richard,
I am using Snow Leopard and am trying out iView Media Pro 3.1.3 and while it has crashed it does appear to be working.


I’ve used iView for years, learned it inside and out, scripted it heavily; but now have had to abandon it. The conversion to Expression Media (EM) is not an upgrade.

The toolbar icons have been changed to bulbous Microsoft-appearing abominations. It’s a gratuitous change that alienates long-term users. Even the application icon means nothing to me.As to the speed, I can’t discern a major difference. I agree with others that the web site is now ridiculous. Microsoft splash, but no substance. I’m in the process of switching to Lightroom. What a shame….


On Mac, upgraded without a problem. I bought iView two weeks before MS bought the company, was neutral on the takeover, and assumed stupidly that with such a good product and web site, little would change.

But no, EM is slower, and the rot has started – why change the icons even, to some clunky stuff? Why get rid of the famntastic iView web site in a year? Why change anything in the iView product that works?

After exhaustive use, I am running iView again – anyone out there want to buy back iView and get it back to the philosophy that made such a great product and with such good service. Talk amongst the professional photographers I know is that if that does not happen, it will be abandon ship. Try EM if you must but lets mourn the death of another wonderful piece of software.


i will NOT be upgrading from iV3 to EM. I will in fact I will NEVER upgrade to an MS version of iV.

I’ll live with iView 3 for as long as i can. MS just can’t be trusted to NOT screw things up. And if iV3 stops working with my system i look for an alternative.

Randy Sailer

Many are extremely critical of Microsoft for even calling this release an upgrade. Longtime IView users are extremely dismayed…


Received my license key for the Mac version of Expression Media today, and was dismayed to discover that Microsoft had already started messing things up when the license key wouldn’t work. Turns out after visitin the Microsoft forums that this is a common problem today. Smooth!

Bravo on your new software Microsoft. Looking forward to Mac Office 2008!


Josh Pigford

I haven’t had a chance to check out the new app either…but their new site looks like pure crap (especially in Safari).

Begin step one of the Microsoft process of ruining a good thing…

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