Coffee break- watch out for burning mobile PCs

Coffee_manWhen I found out I was going to be on the radio I decided to take the Asus R2H UMPC with me because Techblogger Dwight Silverman had never played with a UMPC before.  Come on OEMs, the tech columnist for the Houston Chronicle has never played with a UMPC before.  What exactly are you doing? 

Back to the coffee break.  When I headed out the other night for the station I put the Asus in its little case and put that in my backpack.  The trip to the studio took about 30 minutes and as soon as we got set up in the booth I pulled the Asus out to hand it to Dwight.

and promptly almost dropped it because the Asus was so hot it literally burned my hands when I tried to pick it up!  It seems that it had decided to resume from standby while nestled in its neoprene case.  It was hotter than any mobile device I have ever held and it took fully 15 minutes for it to cool down.  I chalked it up to an unfortunate incident and forgot about it.

Today I attended several meetings and when the last one was over I put the Fujitsu into sleep mode and put it in the backpack in slate mode, like I do many times a day.  I headed across town and decided to stop in a Starbucks for a Frappuccino since it’s so hot in Houston already.  I get the Frap and sit down to do some work and as soon as I open the laptop pocket zipper I feel this heat emanating from it.  Oh no, it’s happened again with a different device.  No harm was done other than draining my battery for a half hour but I thought this problem would have been eliminated with Vista.  There is no way the OS should allow a sleeping device to be accidentally awakened, it’s the OS’ job to insure the safety of our devices. 

Hurry up and get the ModBook shipping!  Oops, gotta go, battery’s almost dead.  :(

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