Zune firmware update 1.4 shuffles out to the social

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Just plugged the Zune into my Samsung Q1P, which I actually use to store a few gigs of music from the Zune Marketplace. Yes, I’m addicted to the Zune Pass subscription service. I was greeted with a nice message about a firmware upgrade for the Zune player so I just proceeded along. As updates go, this was painless and only took about three minutes. I’m not sure however just why we have the update as it appears pretty minimal. According to the descriptive blurb, the upgrade "improves shuffle behavior and includes prior enhancements…." I didn’t really see anything wrong with the shuffle before the upgrade, so I’m not sure what I’m exactly looking for here, but: have it you Zune owners. May the shuffle be with you.

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I didn’t see much of a need for the update myself. I thing it would be nice if they would start releasing some new features for once — the obvious one being podcasting support. I find myself going back and forth between my ipod and the zune. I love the zune but the lack of podcasting support forces me back to the ipod. I know I can use an external application to provide some of the functionality but nothing currently beats the convenience and simplicity itunes/ipod provides for the experience.

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