Toshiba Satellite G900 smartphone hops the FCC hurdle



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: my favorite Windows Mobile device of all time was the first VGA handheld, the Toshiba e800. If I was in the market for a WinMo device, I’d definitely be hitting up the new Toshiba G900 with its luscious 800 x 480 screen and speedy HSDPA. Alas, I’m on T-Mobile which sets me over the EDGE from time to time, but the rest of you SIM card owners can look forward to the G900 which just cleared the FCC yesterday. Delve into the PDF of the User’s Manual for a first look at all of the functions I likely won’t have until 2008….at best. Oh, for the FCC n00bies: the rulers aren’t included with the phone; you’re on your own for those. ;)



My last PDA was the Toshiba e830. Still have that device, and it is great, even after 3 years. I seem to remember Toshiba saying “We’re not making any more PDAs/Windows Mobile devices” :-)

I guess since this is a smart phone and not a PDA, they’re technically OK.
It’s still great to see them back.


Great phone but the lack of 850mhz and any type of US 3G really limits its appeal. I’d buy it I lived in Europe but I think I’ll pass over here. Quadband GSM and Triband (at least) HSDPA should be standard on everything these days.

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