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The Samsung Q1 Ultra is hitting the streets with at least one Origami Project forum member taking delivery as well as PC Pro in the U.K. PC Pro provides us with a three minute, thirty second first look and even hands it to some consumers on the street for impressions. I may have to do the same at Starbucks now. Of course, the expected question asked of consumers is "Could you bang out an e-mail with the little keyboard?"; hate to keep reminding folks but here’s a secret: psst….you can ink ’em with handwriting recognition just as fast (if not faster) thanks to Vista’s great handwriting recognition. Uber-secret #2: these are Tablet PCs, meaning: on the eighth day, Gates said "let there be Ink, and there was Ink". ;)

From what little bit I saw, the processor seemed almost as snappy in response in the Origami Experience as my Q1P with 2 GB of RAM, but of course, it’s way too early to tell.


Anton P. Nym

Steve, I think you’re holding it improperly if one-handed use is uncomfortable.

When I use my Q1 while standing (which I do frequently!), I hold it in my left hand by the right-underside of the tablet. This allows the bulk (pun intended) of the mini-tablet to rest on the inside of my left forearm. Much as one would hold a clipboard and write on it; a task I’ve had to do on jobsites for more than one decade now.

I can see how holding a two-pound weight may become uncomfortable when holding it like you’re passing a tray (left hand on left side, thumb on top) and trying to write on it, but when braced against the forearm a sub-kilogram UMPC shouldn’t be a burden… barring illness or injury, that is.

— Steve

Steve Paine

No i didnt say there wasn’t a market!

Im having to use the tip on this comment and even at this point in the comment its starting to get heavy on my handc(using the flip-put stand method like you. I wouls seriously prefer to be writing this two handed on a pepperpad. quicker and morecomfortable.
When we get q1u’s we can both do tests. well have to repeat he tests with new users to as your an ink expert.



well…. in some market areas, yes, there’s no market for slates or Tablet PC functionality.

windows supports only 8 or so languages so in scandinavia there is no markets due the fact that handwriting is not supported…

Kevin C. Tofel

Hmm… so there’s no market for slates or Tablet PC functionality then? ;) Seriously, I understand your point, but I’m inking this comment while standing up and for me personally, this is a faster input method than using a compromised keyboard. No torque involved either; the device lays in my open hand and I use the 20 degree stand against my hand. I may have to do a video to explain.
Very true point about needing a stylus, however.

Steve Paine


Psst! Handwriting? Not when you’re standing up.
Balance UMPC in one hand (taking tourque in one hand) get pen out, open TIP, write an email, go back and correct, balance UMPC, put pen back….
I’ve never found that either natural or faster than keyboards. If the Q1 Ultra keyboard is anything like the PepperPad’s, it will be much faster than handwriting.

It was interesting to hear Gates and Jobs talking about natural input being good for older people and that keyboards being natural for the younger generation. I’d be interested to hear the jk group-opinion on that. Maybe in the next jkontherun podcast!

regards all

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