Raon Digital offers the Vega sequel: the EVERUN


Raon_digital_everunWhen I got a chance to review the original Raon Digital Vega, I liked some of the key aspects such as the long battery life and sharp screen. What would have made it better? A few more horses under the hood for starters and definitely some wireless radio integrations: one of our cats nearly lost an eye with the WiFi dongle sticking out! According to Hugo Ortega, Raon might have addressed my two main concerns with the introduction of their new EVERUN ultraportable.

Let’s see: more horses? Yup, there’s an AMD 600 MHz Geode LX900 processor available. Integreated WiFi? Alright! They crammed that in too with support for 802.11b/g and Bluetooth 2.0. What, there’s more? An integrated keyboard for use in portrait mode and now the battery lasts 7 hours with the standard battery, up to 12 hours on the extended? Nice….no price yet and the Korean market should see it in July.



I understand what you’re saying Kev, but I just assumed that they’d be using a version of vista, since XP is on its way out. It’d be nice if they had the option to install the tablet PC edition of XP at least, since I can’t find a reseller that sells XP tablet edition here in Australia. Actually, XP is probably a blessing in disguise, since I do have some programs that don’t run on Vista, and would be another excuse to by the Everun as a companion to my Vista machine. My only wish is that it get’s sold here in Oz for the same or near the price of the Vega.

Kevin C. Tofel

Pat, I suspect that Windows XP is on the device for a reason; right off the bat, you can only have 256- or 512 MB of RAM. I’d recommend a minimum of one Gigabyte for Vista. Not saying it can’t be done, but I think folks who install Vista on this device will be disappointed.


schweet! I like it, esp the improved design and materials. I was going to wait for my tax return to come in before purchasing the vega, but I guess it’ll be spent on getting the everun instead :) I just hope it has enough under the bonnet to run vista

Mike Cane

Yeah. There was also a WinCE device like that design too.

I don’t know. That’s a lot of buttons on the front!! I’m wondering where I could rest my thumbs on the right side when it’s in landscape mode!


Looks similar to the umpc concept that Bill Gates was showing, I’m thinking almost 2 years ago. I believe it was called “Ruby”??

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