Raon Digital offers the Vega sequel: the EVERUN

Raon_digital_everunWhen I got a chance to review the original Raon Digital Vega, I liked some of the key aspects such as the long battery life and sharp screen. What would have made it better? A few more horses under the hood for starters and definitely some wireless radio integrations: one of our cats nearly lost an eye with the WiFi dongle sticking out! According to Hugo Ortega, Raon might have addressed my two main concerns with the introduction of their new EVERUN ultraportable.

Let’s see: more horses? Yup, there’s an AMD 600 MHz Geode LX900 processor available. Integreated WiFi? Alright! They crammed that in too with support for 802.11b/g and Bluetooth 2.0. What, there’s more? An integrated keyboard for use in portrait mode and now the battery lasts 7 hours with the standard battery, up to 12 hours on the extended? Nice….no price yet and the Korean market should see it in July.

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