Gates and Jobs: together again at last

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The highlight of yesterdays events actually has nothing to do with a device announcement to me. No, the most interesting event is about two icons in the industry: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Both were on stage together at the D conference and in typical Engadget fashion, was live blogged with precision. Aside from reading the informal conversation, the video recap really sheds light on the history between these two and does so in an entertaining manner. Give it a watch and see if your impressions about either, or both, changes.

Update: the entire interview session is available in seven parts, direct from the All Things Digital site.

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I actually watched all the videos. It’s actually very interesting to look/listen how S Jobs answers questions. On the one hand he does not want to “leak from the top” and on the other hand he tries to please his shareholders. That guy is smart :) Very good lecture on the topic: how to talk in public!

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