EMI Finally Partners with YouTube

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EMI today becomes the last major label to partner with YouTube to share audio and video recordings. Warner, Universal, and Sony BMG had taken equity stakes in YouTube last fall just prior to it being bought by Google, alongside similar partnerships with the video-sharing site.

The partnership signals YouTube is back on track with its pre-Google dealmaking, though a lot has changed since last fall.

Interestingly, an emailed release refers to YouTube’s “Claim Your Content” program as if it has already been instated:

EMI Music will use YouTube’s industry-leading content management tools which feature a content identification and reporting system that will help EMI track and monetize its content and compensate its artists. YouTube’s content management tools also give EMI Music the ability to request the removal of EMI’s copyrighted content from YouTube.

Yesterday, in a major benchmark for the music business, Apple iTunes started selling songs and music videos from EMI without digital rights management.

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