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Coffee break- jkOnTheRun is everywhere and it’s scary

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Coffee_manAh, finally a break in my busy week and I’m sitting in a Starbucks underneath the world’s loudest speaker but even so it’s all good.  I have been running full speed all week and it feels good to sit down and do what I really love, blog!  I have to share something that happened this morning that was so cool and at the same time so unexpected it shocked me.  You have to realize that I keep my online career totally separate from my "real" career, I don’t even tell people I meet in my real job that I have a blog or anything.  It’s something I have always done and I feel more comfortable keeping it separate (stealth blogging, anyone?).

Imagine my surprise first thing this morning when I arrive at the first meeting of the day and walk into the guy’s office to review some stuff on his workstation.  What do I see on his PC?  Nothing other than jkOnTheRun and the video about the Gates and Jobs showing that Kevin posted this morning!  He’d been watching it while waiting for me, turns out he’s a fan of the site and had recently figured out I am JK.  Totally cool and yet now that my cover is blown I have to be vewy, vewy caweful.

One Response to “Coffee break- jkOnTheRun is everywhere and it’s scary”

  1. I maintain a strict separation of work and personal life. Work is not mentioned on my site except in a very general sense. (“At work I used this software today.”) I don’t mention where I work, the type of organization it is, etc. I also try, as much as possible, to keep my personal life away from work. Limited personal e-mails to my work account, not sending them from my work account, keeping browsing during work hours to mostly work-related stuff, etc. There is a lot of stuff going on at work that I would love to blog about, but it’s really not a good career move to do so. :-)