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ABP Group Launches Mobile Games Site

You’re reading it here first: The Anand Bazar Patrika Group (ABP) has launched a mobile games portal Mjoy4free. The site has around 500 free game titles, and these will be supported by advertising wraparounds. Kedar Gavane, Manager-New Media for ABP confirmed to ContentSutra that the company has tied up with US based Greystripe for the service.

The site currently features games with advertising that will be shown before and after the game. Advertisements will be delivered via GPRS, which I think is going to hinder adoption due to low GPRS penetration. Anyway, why should the user pay for ads served to the game via GPRS? However, ABP also has plans to launch games, though fewer in number, with advertisements that do not require connectivity. Gavane says that they’re in talks with advertisers and should be closing deals by the end of the week. So far the ads have received around 150,000 impressions.

Also launched is a wap site:, that gives users automatic access to games that are compatible with the handset with which they access the site. Gavane says that the idea is to disrupt the existing model, considering that most games today are priced above Rs. 40. They will promote the portal using ABPs media properties, online advertising and a viral campaign.

The Mjoy4free model is similar to Hovr’s, which has an office in India but has so far focused on a global market. We’re told that Hovr has recently tied up with VAS magazine XG for Indian advertisements around their games. Hovr also has a mobile community, but apparently ABP isn’t looking at that option yet.