Orchant does the Big Apple, small style


Marc Orchant is learning to think small and it’s about time (and space, and battery life).  His recent trip to NYC was done using this setup as his mobile office:


This photo takes me back to my mobile office of old:


Marc’s setup gets much better battery life though.  Marc, I’d get the new iGo Stowaway keyboard and get the top row of keys back.  Well done, pal.


Marc Orchant

James: thanks for the link pal. Y’know, I tried the bigger Stowaway and, despite the extra row of keys, I didn’t like it as much as the smaller unit. It’s less rigid for on-the-lap typing and quite a bit bigger.

This kit is ideal for grab-and-go work. I’m researching small “man purse” bags right now looking for a tiny gadget bag. For now, I’m using the zip-off front bag from my CES backpack but I’m hoping to find something a bit less conspicuous that has the same ruggedness as my full-sized, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink Oakley Sandbag. Any recommendations?


That bottom photo is the photo that was posted to Jeff Kirvin’s Writing On Your Palm newsgroup years ago. It’s the reason I first visited this site!


I remember seeing that and thinking, man, that’s cool.

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