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LIVE BLOGGING: Apple adds YouTube to AppleTV

I am going to try and live blog Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ interview at the D Conference.

Steve Jobs comes on stage, wearing the all familiar turtle neck and jeans. [digg=]

Apple is in two businesses today and we will be the three busienss soon. We love our mac business, and there is the music business. Those are two $10 billion business. And we will be in the phone business soon.

AppleTV is hobby. Everybody has failed and we are trying, and we are going to improve that over next year -to 18 months, we will get better.

Market Share of Mac Business: We are steadily trying to improve things, we make the best notebooks and desktops in the world. We sell more notebooks than the industry. Notebooks will be 80 to 90% of what we will sell. That time is going to come.

Switch to Intel was the big transition, and we did it very well. Growth that we have seen over last several quarters has been three times the market growth. If you parse out the US numbers, we are five times the market growth. Worldwide our market share is 3%, and US is between 5-to-6%. US retail we have double digit market share.

Apple Inc. name change: Totally commited to the computer business. Lepoard roll out at WWDC and it will ship in October. We are commited to that business.

Shows off iPhone and says, best iPod we have ever made. We will SHIP IT IN LATE JUNE.

Cingular, the new AT&T, like the old AT&T. Cingular has been great to us. They have a done deal, which they haven’t done a deal like this before. They broke a lot of rules. We didn’t show them the phone. Cingular invested in us, and took a gamble on us. And we took a gamble on them. I will never forget that.

Why they did it? Music on phones hasn’t been successful, and they wanted to do something good about that. iPod on the phone can do that. They are spending a lot on 3G and people haven’t vote with their pocket. I think the Internet experience is bad. You get baby internet, mobile internet, or something bizzare. We want to deliver the real Internet experience.

US number is smaller, and we are primarily selling in US (and in Europe to some extent) and we are new comers.

Right now its EMI an there is thousands of independents are coming on board, as quickly as we can encode their music. You can upgrade to iTunes+ song for additional 30 cents. We can do it automatically. The music companies ship all their music DRM free – in CDs. People are willing to pay more for DRM free, and we were successful in persuading EMI an hopefully we can persuade others to offer DRM free.

iTunes tracks are less than 25 tracks per iPod. I think they are clearly not getting majority of their music from iTunes. The whole notion of us being a lock is just ridiculous. If we have best music player, we will sell more iPods, and if we have the best music store, people will buy music from the iTunes store. We better make the best music player if we want to keep winning.

iPhone is the best iPod we have made. It is a great cell phone we made. We have revolutionzed the cell phone. And it is internet on your pocket. If it was anyone of the three, we would sell a lot. Its all three, and they play off each other.

If you want to hire bright and creative people, you can’t over rule them. You can do that once or twice a year.

No debate about the physical keyboard.

(Walt asked no one suggested that?) None.

Once you use the magical display, you can’t go back. We have a better keyboard. I bet you dinner, a week after you get your hands on that, you will like that. I think it takes a week, and you need to learn how to trust it. We can use that physical space when you don’t need the keyboard.

How much time you have before people copy iPhone? If you zoom out of the whole thing, why does iPod exist, or why Apple is succeding. That is because the Japanese CE companies couldn’t do is software. It is software in the device, mac, and on the store. Software wrapped in beautiful package. Japanese CE companies couldn’t take that leap.

The handset is similar. They know hardware but haven’t been made the software leap. Micorsoft software is of certain caliber. iPhone is software wrapped in beautiful design. I think software is 5 years ahead of anyting we have done. We have spent years doin this, and had an OS that we have worked on that for decade.

Will Mac App run on the phone? We don’t think it is a good idea because there is no mouse.

Why do you call AppleTV a hobby? What every body has tried is that coming from computer market, you think about getting content from your computer to your TV. I am not sure that is what consumers want. More we think about it, they are like peas. We think the content from the Internet is the real play.

Doing Demo of Apple TV live streaming from the web. We wre going to sell 100 millionth TV show this year. The movies and shows are stored on your computer and can be streamed.

What we are going to do today, introduce something we announced in the morning. Incredible things is YouTube. It would be great if they can get YouTube on your living room TV. We worked on them, and we are announcing that YouTube as an add-in to AppleTV, and it is a MENU ITEM. (LOOKS GREAT)

We got this working, and we watched a ton of this stuff. It turned out to be pretty cool. You search from the interface and you can find a lot of things through that. So how are the videos looking better. You get what you get, its amazing how fun these things are.

This is the first additional feature on AppleTV and get internet video. I think this is a good idea, and we are going to see a collection of interesting things. Hobby, because it is provcative. iPod started off like that. It started off small, feeling like this. Its not a set-top box. That’s not how we look at it. We wanted to do it for a few years. We can’t replace the set-top box. You have to go through the cable companies. We didn’t do it, and do a go to market strategy like that. We didn’t have to replace set-top box. We have to be DVD player for the Internet age.

300 million copies of iTunes (or more). They are on Windows computer…. statistically. People like it so much say that it is the best app on windows. Its like giving someone ice water in hell.

The scale of lot of things we are doing is surprising me. I didn’t think we would ship a 100 million iPods. It is a big number of us.

Video on portable devices? I was more skeptical than customers. iPod video proved us wrong, and video has been the #1 or #2 reason why people buy that product. Video is here to stay on protable device.

Over the air downloads? People have tried with music and it has failed. Phone is not a great place to discover an browse large libraries. I think you have to sync it with your PC anyway. Why not just buy on a PC and sync to your phone. People know how to buy music on computers.

Out of battery. Signing off now.

19 Responses to “LIVE BLOGGING: Apple adds YouTube to AppleTV”

  1. Arvinder Gujral

    “I think the [mobile] Internet experience is bad. … [The] phone is not a great place to discover and browse large libraries. I think you have to sync it with your PC, anyway. Why not just buy [music] on a PC and sync it to your phone? ”
    This is a definite short-sightedness on part of Steve Jobs. He sounds like Bill Gates in the 1980s on how much memory we need on a PC. In 5 years he will have to eat his words…err Apple :-)

  2. I still think an idea that would revolutionize the Apple TV would be a cable-USB cord that plugs into the back of the device and broadcasts the cable signal to a computer. Watch it thought iTunes? Some sort of TiVo features? It would be epic.

    I certainly would buy one if it could do that.

  3. JoeShmoe

    Om, Others,
    You guys genuinely think the announcement of Youtube on Apple TV is as big as its being made out? What about the pathetic quality of Youtube videos — which would only look very distasteful when played on high end TVs and HDTVs?! How about the very cool tech called Surface from Microsoft being covered? Oh wait, I forgot that Om has gotten into favoritism a bit too much off-late!

    PS: I genuinely do not have anything against Apple or anything for Microsoft, just an observation of an obvious bias here.

  4. Marl Balou

    It is clear that the phone companies do not understand how to make the richer functional experience such as enabling internet connectivity via Wireless, Edge, GPRS, IrDa etc. simpler for the end user (ie beyond the standard phone functionality). It is hard to understand and setup internet connectivity on PDA phones or the “Smart Phones”. They require you to wade thru acronyms like “CSD line type”, “PAP & CHAP authentication” “NDISWAN” etc I have a Master’s in Computer Science and even my head starts reeling from this.

    Steve Job’s characterization – “I think the Internet experience is bad. You get baby internet, mobile internet, or something bizzare.” is very true. I know a ton of folks who are holding off on upgrading their current phones and waiting to get the iPhone.

  5. I don’t want to sound like a hater, but YouTube on the AppleTV? Um, that’s been done (admittedly, by hackers), but I hope the Apple TV update holds a bit more than that.

    I know we’re not getting Divx or other video formats, but not much of an announcement here.


  6. DaveA


    Thanks for live blogging this story, and it’s working out pretty well. The one issue seems to be that the WordPress servers sometimes send older cached copies when the user refreshes the screen. So we get to see new stuff, then not, then see it again.

  7. Apple tv and other asynchrnous video (Select, Transfer, Store, View) on the net is going to make for a very interesting set of developments vis a vis IPTV. At some point, carriers (and/or CDNs) will care about you switching on your apple tv box and offer you (or more likely offer Apple) a new ‘tier’ of service. Ditto for Google tv, Joost, …. pick your fav HD video provider on net.