Last minute reminder: James is on the radio


Quick reminder in case you’re just "tuning in": James has a guest spot on the radio in less than 10 minutes. From 9 pm EDT to 11 pm, James will appear on the Technology Bytes radio show out of Houston. If you’re in that area, tune your radio in to 90.1 on your FM dial or your Zune. :) The rest of us can hear the show over the Internets on Winamp, iTunes, or Windows Media Player right here. Good luck dude!

Update: I see they have a webcam going too.



Aaron Walker

Opps, never mind. I let it play longer and it finally started. :S

Aaron Walker

I can’t get the link to work either. After listening to three minutes of a song that I kept thinking was the theme, I turned it off. Does the broadcast start after this or am I doing something wrong? Would really like to hear what James had to say.

Kevin C. Tofel

The link in Jay’s comment is working fine for me right now. Not sure if the show is only available to U.S. listeners….

Andrew Forde

Try as I might I just cannot get to any webpage on I tried yesterday when the post by JK first went up and assumed it was because the radio feed wasn’t working.

Same issue today on both Firefox and IE7 on my P1610. I’m in the UK, could that be a problem? Any chance JKOnTheRun could put the show on iTunes?

James Kendrick

Technology Bytes posts past shows on their web site. Doing the show was a lot of fun and I want to thank Jay Lee, Dwight Silverman and gang for a great time.


Great! will you upload that for those who’ve missed the show??

James Kendrick

Liveblogging during the show- cool thing is the show webcam is an iSight camera on one of the host’s 17″ MacBook Pro. :)

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