JK is really on the run today


Jk_icon_100pixHolidays are great but they are usually followed by the dreaded short week.  Why dreaded?  Because there are only 4 work days this week here’s my schedule today:

8:00    Drive across town to first meeting (using TomTom One)
9:00    Project review meeting (actually 3 projects reviewed back to back) using Fujitsu P1610
12:00  Conference call using T-Mobile Dash and Samsung WEP200 headset (probably in my car)
1:00   Drive across town to next meeting
1:30   Project review meeting
4:00~4:30 Drive back home
7:00   Drive downtown
8:00   Appear on radio show
10:30 Drive back home

Whew! I’m tired just reading that.



Scotty, the TomTom One is a GPS device you can use in your car. My friend has one and its awesome, especially if your bad with directions (like he is).

Sounds like a hectic day. I’ve been having a similar week. Your pain is felt by many.

David Jones

We have the same headset….I feel like I own a piece of legend now. Have a great one.


“Tom Tom One” is that anything like “Air Force One”? :-)

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