Apple- don’t buy any audio books through iTunes

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iLounge is reporting that some iTunes music store customers have had problems listening to purchased audio books on their iPods.  Some of the titles will play in iTunes but not play on the iPod.  Apple’s response to those affected by this problem is pretty strange:

“Our engineers are aware that many audiobook files have recently beenaffected with this error and are working on a fix for this slightproblem. I would advise to please refrain from purchasing any audiobookfor at least a week while our engineering team works to implement acorrection for this situation. The iTunes Store takes the quality ofour audiobooks seriously and will investigate the issue with this one,but I can’t say when or if the issue will be resolved. Please try againin a few weeks.”

How much you want to bet it’s a DRM issue?

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I’ve run into the one week thing before. I purchased an album and 3 of the tracks had audible pops in them: on the Mac and on the iPod.

I reported this and they refunded me for the album and told me not to purchase it again for one week as they could only refund any album one time.

I checked back a week later and they told me they had no idea when it would be fixed. A couple years later and they still have no idea and I still have the poppy tracks. :-)

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