Mac OS X on my Samsung Q1P UMPC?



OK, I cheated in the screenshot above. It looks like Mac OS X on the Vista-based UMPC because it is, but I did it to illustrate a really nice piece of presentation sharing software. Tiffany Screens, a cross-platform approach with a client that runs in Windows, Mac, Linux and Java Webstart, caught my eye over at Digital Inspiration. Every local network client that has Tiffany Screens installed can participate in a group presentation with a quick button click; the software will scale the presentation the most appropriate client resolution. If you’re a trainer, presenter or have a controlling personality, you can also set up permissions to allow or disallow client actions. Aside from global LAN broadcasting, you can also create up to five ‘venues’ which are like virtual conference rooms.

I installed the application on my MacBook Pro and my Samsung Q1P UMPC; there was no configuration involved since Tiffany Screens auto-detects peer clients within the same local network. Within a minute of installation, I was presenting the desktop and apps between the two clients. The application is free to try between two clients as I did; if you plan to share across three or more clients, at least one will need a paid license which costs $39. I did see a way to signal one client from another but don’t see a way to provide remote control ability; the software appears to be more of a presentation solution than a remote control function.



I can actually run Mac OSX on my HP pavillion Notebook.

Richard L.

Doesn’t VNC (with all it’s subgroups like RealVNC, tightVNC, …) do the same thing?

Kevin C. Tofel

Thanks Amit; I wanted to test the ‘cross-platform’ claim. Obviously, it worked like a charm! Nice find, BTW. ;)

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