RIM BlackBerry joining the WiFi party later this year


Blackberry_7270_wifiLooks like Research In Motion has finally accepted WiFi as a viable network platform; RIM’s CEO announced last week that they company would intro a BlackBerry with both WiFi and cellular capabilities in the second half of the year. BlackBerry handsets are traditionally targeted to the enterprise markets, but last I checked, they were pretty accepting of WiFi as a network. Oh, if we only had an "it’s about time" category on the blog…. ;)

The Blackberry Enterprise Server will treat WiFi networks as just another usable network, so the handset can seamlessly switch among networks for data. I thought that RIM had a WiFi / cellular handset in the past, but upon checking, I must have been thinking of the BlackBerry 7270: it has WiFi but no cellular.

(via Phone Scoop)

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