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OQO Model 02- 2 out of 3 ain’t good

The coolest mobile device on the market today is definitely the OQO Model 02.  I played with one at the CES early this year and while I don’t know if it would serve me as a daily machine I would still love to get one for a good look.  I had been following Hugo Ortega (GottaBeMobile & Uber Tablet) since he first got his OQO as I know his insights will help me figure out if the OQO will work for me.  Hugo’s blogging about the OQO fell silent a few weeks ago and I was about to reach out to him to ask him (anxiously) why when I saw this post on his blog:

So I posted a video about the OQO model 02 and had thousands of hits – literally. I was lookingforward to a great experience. When my first OQO 02 died (just beofrethe Video) I received the replacement and got back on the road quickly(kudos to OQO) when the second one died OQO did the right thing and gota new one out to me again – I was upset but looking forward to a greatseason ahead, and then when the third one arrived I lost all motivationand it is in my garage unboxed.

Iwas upset and have decided to move away from it for a little while.Sorry guys. We’ll see what happens in the future. Migration of all mydata – twice – has been a headache I do not want to deal with on athird occassion.

Hopefully this is just an aberation but I remember hearing these stories over and over again when the first generation OQO shipped.  I corresponded with more than a couple of early OQO adopters who were on their 3rd (or 4th) unit.  Ouch.

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  1. Bill Peedle

    John T, I am so happy to hear that I am not the only one with refresh rate issues. I had an 02 with th 1.5 processor, no refresh issues, but I had to have the best so I bought the same model you have with the 120gb drive. I can look at the 2 side by side, and there is no doubt that the 120 gb model has refresh rate issues, whereas the 1.5ghz 60 gb model does not. I called tech support, they replaced the lcd, and when it came back, I had the same exact problem plus a burnt pixel. So, they sent me a brand new one, and this one has the same refresh rate issues. Let me know if you end up getting yours fixed somehow. I will do the same.

  2. I bought the OQO 02 best, with the Verizon module (1.6 Ghz, 120 HDD) on Sept. 11; it was promised to ship in at most two weeks and finally did ship after an additional one week delay. Like Hugo my first OQO had issues, Vista Ultimate continuously gave bad hard drive (HDD) warnings and it also arrived without a power cord. To OQO tech support’s credit they shipped me a new model from factory within one week. They noted that it was a new replacement from factory only because they were not yet ready to perform RMA replacements on the new releases? What is that about?

    The new OQO arrived and functioned without any HDD errors. But now I have noted that the screen flickers as if running as a 60 Hz CRT monitor; anybody remember those days? I can see the horizontal interlace lines at certain angles and get a headache after using the OQO for about one to two hours! (this did not happen with the original OQO) Well I had not sent the defective OQO back yet so I compared the screens and discovered that the OQO with the bad HDD did not have the “refresh rate” issue, no horizontal lines at any view angle. I am now awaiting a response from OQO, their tech support has been very helpful thus far and I believe, overall, the product is great, unfortunately I wonder if they suffer from quality control issues. We’ll see what happens next…
    Beyond the issues described, hopefully bad luck, the OQO 02 is a well designed and beautifully crafted product, I just hope they can resolve these (perhaps perceived) quality control issues. In my opinion, the design is the best UMPC out there today.

  3. jorge santos

    I do not like this story, it is very unclear and I do not see the poor ortega unable to unbox the oqo he have in the corner of the garage.

  4. Seems to me that OQO might having a bad batch on its production or parts. So far on all the units that I sell, we only have one unit that goes bad (won’t boot at all). If you pass the first 48 hours with the unit, most likely your unit will be fine. Cheers.

  5. I’m sorry to read about Hugo’s problems… But I’m surprised he has decided to move on!

    So far my Model 02 has been working well, even after my HSDPA mod :)

  6. Don't Panic!

    Is it the 3G connection that’s causing problems? My major use for mobile tech is connecting to the internet. Right now I’m using a Sprint USB modem with a really long cable for my notebook and UMPC devices.

    My PPCs and WiMPE devices run on wireless carrier based solutions with no problems. What’s the problem with a full PC?

    Is that through the wires connection every going to realy launch?

    Thanks for keeping it real Hugo.

  7. I got my OQO 02 in early April, and so far it’s held up with no problems. It’s been through an upgrade, numerous driver changes, and some abuse by a 5 year old, but still ticking *keeps fingers crossed*.

  8. Hi James,

    Regrettably it gets worse still. I am writing another post given the amount of attention the post received and will be uploading it soon.

    I have been very patient and blindly passionate about this device given just how much I like it. But enough it enough sometimes.

  9. I got my OQO 02 Best/Vista Last week and so far no issues. Am really praying i don’t get these issues especially since im also in the pacific, specifically in the Philippines! will let you guys know if this vista version suffers from the same IF it happens.. pray pray pray!

  10. OQO has always been plagued by Quality Control issues, this is of no surprise. their 2nd biggest issue has been EXTREMELY slow shipping & turn around time. if it had been a regular person and not Hugo then they would have been waiting for a much much longer time period.

    just wait until the batteries start to fail next, that’s always fun!

  11. iNsAnEcLoWn

    yah this makes me a little nervous as well, I ordered my Best/Vista Ultimate/Sprint last week. Which one do you have John? How about a mini review from you :)

  12. John in Norway

    I’m afraid to touch mine now! I don’t have Hugo’s connections so I know that if mine bites the dust it’ll be a nightmare getting it replaced. I’m still loving it though.

    I’ve noticed that my screen wobbles from side to side but I’m hoping the little side rails will stop it getting any worse.

    I’ve also noticed that since I’ve put all my other devices in a cupboard, so this is my only mobile device, that I do a lot less inking (I either dictate or use the keyboard).