Microsoft Surface a Precursor to An Apple Announcement?

surfaceIf you haven’t checked the new Microsoft webpage for Surface, you’re missing out. Yeah, it looks seriously cool – and curiously like some haptics-style interfaces we’ve seen bits and pieces of before…

But riddle me this: Did Microsoft rush to release this incredible new way of interfacing with computer systems now, in order to trump some news we may be hearing from Apple at WWDC in a couple weeks? With the reveal of Leopard looming, it’s certainly a real possibility that we’ll see something similar from our boys in Cupertino.

On the other hand, maybe Apple will limit the touch interfaces to their iPhone and future iPods rather than rolling it out mainstream via Leopard. It’s been said before that using haptics as the main interface to a traditional computer system wouldn’t necessarily be as simple as the mouse and keyboard we’re used to. In that way of thinking, I believe Microsoft may have it right with the target implementations of Surface – that being POS-based systems, concierge, etc. Who knows, perhaps introducing touch interfaces to the masses in that style will foster stronger consumer adoption in the long run.

If you haven’t checked out Surface, watch the 3 explanatory video clips here. I don’t care who you are, this stuff looks super neat!

Via the Longboard