jkOTR Mobile Media Edition 33: Speech recognition on a MacBook Pro



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Jk_icon_100pixTime for another jkOTR Mobile Media Edition!  Show #33 takes a look at running Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9,the best speech recognition program on the planet, on a MacBook Pro.No, there is no Mac version of DNS but I installed the Windows Vistaversion on the MBP under Parallels Desktop.

In this short video I show you basic system command and control, and ofcourse dictation and correction.  Please pardon the slightly squishedup video, I found out too late that although iMovie HD is supposed tohandle 16:9 widescreen video it still squished it up square.


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Michael Venini

Great video JK! Do they have trial software? I would love to try this,to see how it is.


Thnx for the video :)

Can you suggest me any good media player for Windows Mobile 6, which can play mp4, and other formats?

And of course an RSS reader.
For my new Windows mobile phone. T-Mobile MDA II

Thanks in advance.


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