Hitachi provides easy hard drive upgrades for the masses

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While many readers here are more than capable of upgrading system memory or hard drives, some folks are still intimidated by the unknown. Hitachi’s Travelstar Upgrade Kit makes the process so easy that anyone can take their slow, low-capacity drive and replace it with a faster, high-capacity unit as shown in the above PodTech video.

The kit includes a new hard drive, USB enclosure & cable, and the EZ Gig II cloning software. You simply place your new drive in the enclosure, run the cloning software to make a duplicate copy of your operating system and files, and then swap the old drive for the new drive. The enclosure comes in handy so you can turn that old drive into a portable drive for backups or data. Hitachi’s Travelstar Upgrade Kit is available in 40-, 60-, 80-, 100-, 120- and 160 GB capacities for 2.5-inch hard drives.

(via Notebooks.Com)

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