Coffee break- double dipping in Starbucks


Coffee_manTaking a break from my latte I should explain what I mean by double dipping.  I am in my local Starbucks, blogging, emailing and listening to podcasts.  Today I’ve done something I haven’t done before, I brought both the Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC and the MacBook Pro.  Why would I do that?  So I can use both of them at the same time, of course.  The cool part is I am still very mobile, even with the 17" MBP and the Fuji.  Both fit in one bag and while they won’t fit on one table (the MBP takes up the whole thing) I am using the Fuji in my hands and inking this post.

The reason I brought the MBP with me is because I shot a new video that will appear later today and I needed to encode the video.  There’s nothing like the speed of the MBP to encode video so it’s churning away on the table while I work on the Tablet.  It’s very liberating and kind of like I imagine it to be ambidextrous.  Two things at once, one mobile PC in each hand, cranking video out.  Woot!  What’s the video cover?  I won’t tell you but think speech and think Mac.

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