Coffee break – could I do this for a year?


Coffee_man_2 Ahh….White Chocolate Mocha in one hand and stylus pen in the other with a UMPC and Bluetooth keyboard in between. My Starbucks-hopping continues: today I’m trying the mobile lifestyle in the Quakertown, PA location up near Allentown. Aside from the new Starbucks and an in-progress Target, Quakertown is known for its famous Farmers Market. Well, inside of a 30 mile radius, it’s well known….

Anyway, as I’m sitting here slurping down bandwidth and coffee, I’m thinking: could I do this for a year?

What if I rented a small RV and drove the country for a year, stopping at Starbucks along the way for blogging, even chronicling the trip on a Google map? Could you imagine that: seeing the country on your own schedule and doing what you love? Alas, I can only imagine it. Sure, we all know I’m crazy enough to actually try it; anyone who doubts that obviously isn’t a regular reader. ;) No, with the kids and the fiancee (whom I’d never give up), I think my ‘mobile blogging tour of the U.S.’ will be one of those to-do’s that never gets crossed off [although if Starbucks wants to sponsor a test run, I’m in!]. And I’m OK with that….after all, the White Chocolate Mocha in Quakertown should taste the same as in your neck of the woods too and the WiFi is plenty fast enough here. Of course, I’d love to have people ask "What do you do?" just so I can say, "I’m on a coffee break….." :)


Dave Rakowski

Working your way up the PA turnpike/Route 309? The Quakertown Starbucks was the nearest one to Allentown for a long time, but now they seem to be popping up everywhere.

If you keep heading north drop me a line–love to have a chance to meet you!

Hope all is well.

Dave Rakowski
Allentown, PA


Sounds like a viable option, why not look in to approaching a media/advertising/marketing organisation or an independant film maker organisation to enquire about sponsorship?

You could always try to sell a documentary ala ‘Super size me’… How about entitling it “Bean me up! Scotty”. :-)

You might also want to approach other coffee house brands. I know in the UK we have a loads or even a coffee manufacture e.g. Nestle.

It’s possible your financee could be involved e.g. sound person or ‘Best grip’ (what is that role anyway?).

Just a few thoughts… don’t give up on the dream, until you’ve really tried :-)


I know, it must be that HP tx1000 review you promised us more then a month ago. That computer is more Mac like then most Macs – the appeal of which has always escaped me.

Hey JK, where’s that HP review??

Michael Venini


Will you be doing more videos? You and James haven’t done one in a while.

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