Can Dell show the value of the Tablet PC?


Dell_latitude_tablet_pcMatt Hartley, whom I’ve respected and followed for some time, has an insightful perspective about the new Dell Tablet PC; more specifically, Matt likens the Tablet PC market to Dell giving Vista a second chance. He’s calling for the company to do something I’ve yet to see: show the value of the Tablet PC. We’ve mentioned marketing as one area that’s not helping the Tablet PC, as much as it could so I tend to agree with Matt. He says:

"My suggestion to Dell would be to see it locate three key individuals: one from the corporate world, another from the scholastic realm, and one from the medical field. Give clear instructions about the Tablet’s use, then have a video blogger document their experiences. Because much of life is raw and unscripted, I suspect that what we will see should prove to be authentic and provide a glimpse into the world of that particular person, in addition to discovering potential functionality for the Tablet PC and Vista simultaneously."

I’m not one of those ‘three key individuals’ that Matt mentions, but I try to show the Tablet PC value every opportunity I get: answering e-mail questions on a daily basis, using my Tablet and UMPC at various social events, illustrating the value-add that the Tablet PC experience brings to my life. I hope that Dell and other Tablet PC OEMs give Matt’s piece a read; there are plenty of us ‘grassroots marketers’ that can breathe some life into the Tabletscape!


Eric Mack

I think Dell should sponsor the lovely Mack sisters and have them blog their experience with the Dell tablet. Look at hour Microsoft OneNote skyrocketed after Amy and Wendy did their podcasts on OneNote!

Frank McPherson

Many companies have standardized on Dell, so with them selling a Tablet PC the platform might become more available to corporate users.

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