Nokia Sees 3G Delayed, TD-SCDMA To Start Next Year


Nokia has warned that its patent dispute with Qualcomm could hinder the uptake of 3G technology, saying that “alternative technologies such as mobile WiMax were gaining momentum due to uncertainties surrounding the licenses” according to Reuters. Nokia Chief Technology Officer Tero Ojanpera also said that “3G is not about cheap price but about new capabilities”, so Nokia wouldn’t be competing strongly for the cheap 3G handset market.

In related news Nokia will start shipping TD-SCDMA handsets in China in the first half of next year, reports Reuters. “Currently we see that there will be market need from the first half of 2008. Hence, we will have some kind of offering on the market,” said Thomas Jonsson, Nokia’s spokesman in China. Qualcomm has asserted that its patents are included in the TD-SCDMA standard, but China doesn’t seem particularly keen on paying any royalties.

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