Nokia Launches English Language Lessons In China

Nokia has teamed up with New Oriental Education and Technology Group to sell mobile english lessons under the brand name Mobiledu, reports the Wall Street Journal. Mobiledu is focused on China but Nokia has plans to launch the audio and text-based service in other countries in the future — China has the biggest demand for English-language lessons due to its size and the forth-coming Beijing Olympic Games. The service will also offer career tips and other how-to advice, and will cost about US$0.26 per download.

“Joseph Kauffman, New Oriental’s assistant vice president for business development, said Mobiledu won’t boost New Oriental’s revenue significantly immediately, but joining the service was a strategic decision. “We’re looking into the future. One day, people will be using phones as a learning tool, rather than a mobile phone,” he said.” Nokia has also launched Widsets in China.


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