Coming Soon: Better syncing for Mac & Nokia N Series


It was only a few weeks ago when I was lamenting about the lack of smart syncing between the Nokia N95 phone and Mac desktop. Even though Nokia offers Nokia Music Manager, it is hardly a software you can recommend to people addicted to the iTunes’ easy music and photo syncing. It only syncs music, and it a bit difficult to work with, one of the reasons I have stopped using it after trying it out.

Nevertheless, a source of ours tells us that Nokia is about to release an upgrade to this software – the Nokia Media Manager – which will allow two-way syncing of not only music, but more importantly, photos. In other words, all the snaps you took on your Nokia N95 can now be simply synced with iPhoto. While I have not used the software so far, our source says it is a definite improvement over the previous version. The software, apparently will support most of the new N-Series phones. Stay tuned for further details.



I’d like to see the ability to download podcasts offline and then sync these to the phone.

Love my n95


big deal. i’m a huge nokia s60 fan, but for us in the u.s.a., c’mon – there isn’t an n-series phone besides the lame n75. serious euro “n”-vy here for what we can’t have or use to the device’s full potential. i would have bought an n-95 in a heartbeat if it was compatible with at&t’s 3g network.


special pleading :

it would be nice if nokia had some proper way to synchronize updates for firmware for the phones (through usb ot a host mac rather than trying to use the crapy web browser) ,,,

there is the annoying gap that exists between nokia production models & prepoduction models (carrier testing) …. there is no simple/obvious way to update nokia phones firmware.

i have a 6670 (not N series) so i cant use the osx file transfer utility (bluetooth) to retrieve the contents of the memory cards(pictures etc) — no volumes are properly mounted (via usb mass storage api), so i dont see any either the built-in or the add-in memory for the 6670 :-( … though other non mass-storage profiles for BT do work with my mac OK (eg remcon with Salling Clicker).

ps: attn webmaster — this webform is NUTS! trying to use firefoxV3alpha4 .. and there is a huge latency sometimes when typing; sometimes it is impossible to get text selected – the insertion point (I-beam) seems to have no effect sometimes … i cant edit any of the text!

Blake Burris

I’m done waiting on Nokia frankly. Their stock finally recovered enough for me to dump it last year and now the iPhone will rescue us all from their total neglect of the Mac.

For those planning to resist the iPhone come on, be on the lookout for boat-loads of used Nokia handsets flooding Craigslist and eBay in the coming weeks.

Om Malik

Precisely – though I wonder if that will be enough. I think one can’t underscore the importance of syncing, especially with complex devices like mobile phones.

Paul Johnson

Gee, what a surprise! Just in time for the iPhone release.

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