Blackberry 8830 hits Verizon retail shops today, $199 final price


Blackberry_8830_screen_2Not sure if any Verizon retail shops are actually open here during the U.S. holiday, but consumers can start fondling the Blackberry 8830 World Edition phone on their next Verizon visit. Business customers got a two-week head start to procure this CDMA / GSM combo with EV-DO & GPRS but now the rest of us can play with the schizophrenic smartphone too. A quick check of the Verizon site shows the expected $399 price with two years of cellular servitude, but I also see a $100 online discount and mention of an additional $100 mail-in rebate. Not a bad deal for the jet-setting consumers.

(via Electronista)



Ok. So how did you get the price down to $99? Everything I have tried makes the price $199. Do you have the Telesales # or someone I can speak to so I can get the same $99 deal? Please help…


Telesales and stores are open (at least here in WI). Ordered the 8830 today:

-100.00 (data plan rebate)
-100.00 (new ever 2)
-100.00 (mail in rebate)

Net price $99.00 + shipping with a 2 year commit.

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