Asus W5Fe review with great Windows SideShow pics: Mobile01



There’s a translated Mobile01 News review of the Asus W5Fe providing a good overview of this notebook. The W5Fe is thicker than I expected and the battery placement next to the USB port in the back might make it difficult for USB modem owners. If you have a USB cable for the modem, you’re fine; using the USB port on the left will block your optical drive so the one right-side is another good option. There wasn’t much else not to like on the notebook however: the integrated webcam swivels from front- to rear-facing and the Windows SideShow display on the outside is brighter than I expected. In fact, this review provides the best pics of the Sideshow functionality I’ve seen yet, although most of data isn’t readable to me since I can’t read Chinese. ;)

Although SideShow displays might appear as a novelty to some, there’s tremendous potential for mobile device owners here. If you need static information such as contact data, calendar events and the like, you can quickly get what you need without powering up your device.

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