High school football hits prime time


You may have followed the course of my stepson’s high school football season here on jkOnTheRun as I posted about it from time to time.  Football season is long past but this weekend is bringing it back home again for a couple of reasons.  First up, Michael’s high school graduation ceremony is taking place this evening, the big moment when all Cy-Fair High School 2007 graduates bid farewell to friends and grade school.  Reflection on the past school year naturally falls back to the football season where our Bobcats made it deep into the state championship run, dominated by junior running back sensation Sam McGuffie, whose unbelievable season of 3,121 yards and 43 touchdowns has caught national attention, helped along no doubt by the video of him hurdling a defensive back.  I blogged that here and it has been downloaded over 430,000 times on YouTube.  I’m including it at the end of this post for posterity’s sake.  McGuffie has caught national attention since he will be back at Cy-Fair High School next year, and he’s received offers from every major university in the country.  Punctuating just how much in the national spotlight he is the Houston Chronicle reports that ESPN2 has signed a contract to broadcast live the Cy-Fair Bobcats play the Cy-Falls Eagles on October 18th in the fall.  I’ll bet they are hoping Sam will hurdle someone else during the game, something he actually did 2 or 3 times during the past season.  Congratulations to Michael and the rest of the 2007 graduating class and good luck to seniors everywhere.




Yeah, Alec Dizon had an OK Collegiate career considering he made the team while playing high school ball in the Virgin Islands. I don’t think he ever reached his full potential. Its a fraud that they don’t give players from small districts the same kind of opportunity. I think all of his football combine number were better than Barry Sanders! Imagine, if he came out now with atheletes like Tim Duncan.

Football bum

In my opinion the most exciting asian football player was not Mosi Tatupu, but Alec Dizon out of Boston College. After Flutie, Dizon was the most fun to watch. He looked like the smallest on the team, but I saw him make 4 tackles behind the line of scrimmage against Syracuse.

Nurhisham Hussein

“I’m including it at the end of this post for posterior’s sake.”

Uh, shouldn’t that be “posterity’s sake”?


Amazing – the DB was standing straight up when he hurdled over him – I don’t think I have ever seen that before. Congrats to all seniors and take a moment to remember our fallen hero’s today.

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