MacBook Pro all backed up with Buffalo 500 GB HDD

Buffalo_500gbI am a firm believer in keeping my devices backed up and have been saved by that practice more times than I care to admit.  When I picked up the MacBook Pro I had visions of keeping it backed up with my 160GB Seagate external USB drive but it turned out to not be compatible with the Mac OS.  I have been looking for a reasonably priced solution and found it at one of my favorite online retailers, B&H Photo in New York.  What I picked up was the Buffalo 500GB external HDD with both USB 2.0 and FireWire connectivity.  I wanted FireWire so I can use it as a boot drive with the MBP in the event something happens to the internal HDD.  The drive was reasonably priced at $195 and it arrived this week.

The drive is a speedy 7200 rpm and setup took all of 5 minutes.  The drive was formatted FAT32 to allow usage with both Mac and Windows PCs but I quickly used the Disk Utility to format it to Mac Extended for that boot capability.  I downloaded a free trial version of SuperDuper!, a simple backup program for the Mac.  The free version is full featured, just missing the ability to schedule a backup.  Buying the $28 version adds that feature so that’s what I did.  Backups are very fast with this drive and I now have peace of mind that I’m covered in the event of a disaster.  A couple of years ago I would never have imagined I would have a hard drive in my office with half a terrabyte of storage.  :)


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