Google Calendar for Mobile arrives; are PIM apps still needed?


Google_calendar_for_mobilesMobile device users are dancing with joy since Google’s web-based Calendar app is now available for mobile devices. Right through your browser is a listing of your appointments complete with the event details.

I hope that folks at Palm, Microsoft and Nokia (Symbian) are watching because Google is doing to mobiles what they’ve been doing on computers: finding quick and easy ways for people to access their most needed information right in the browser. With ‘thin client’ mobiles, there’s less and less of a need for clunky PIM and e-mail apps. Factor in the removal of complex synchronization hassles as well since everything is stored in the Google cloud and is accessible on practically any Internet-connected device….



There is a new calendar and contacts sharing software for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux / Unix users.
ClearSync is the unique Internet-based service that enables groups of users to share and sync multiple calendars
and contact lists, any time and from anywhere, between any combination of PCs and Palm OS smartphones and PDAs.
Their website is and you can try their service free for 30 days.

Don't Panic!

There’s no way an internet company can guarantee always available access. There are just so many variables to consider.

Aside from that, this is pretty sweet

Jaap van Ekris

Google does not understand mobile life. Fully webbased solutions are awfull because they introduce an unneccesary dependancy on internet connections.

Inmagine you need to make an appointment and you can’t because:
* The building uses warmthshielded glass
* You are too close to powerlines, scrambling all data
* There are too many GSM calls made, so the tower rejects data requests
* Your device can’t restore the GPRS session to an awake state
* The provider messes up (again)
* Your battery dies on you due to the heavy datatraffic that day

You get caught with your pants down. Simply having a copy of all future appointments, either synced with activesync or syncml, creates freedom instead of dependence.


Dave Haupert

That brings up a question most of us PDA developers have had for a long time- we have to do a lot of jumping through hoops to synchronize data changes to PDAs/mobile devices. It always would have been easier to have a single store of data and simple clients to access them but the wireless connection speed, cost and reliability of wireless signals which could effect the legitimacy of a solution like this. At some point we will all find these issues to be worked out, but is that moment now? I guess we’ll find out!


I’d have to disagree strongly at this point in time.
Three reasons:
1. Cell data connections are slow(gsm) while PIM data needs to be accessed quickly
2. Cell data connections are patchy(outside of major metro areas) while PIM data needs to accessible from anywhere at anytime
3. WEB BASED interfaces are clunky (at this point) compared to their built in counter points

At THIS point and time I’m more for syncing than thin clients and as data connections improve we’ll start seeing the demise of built in and the rise of the network as the computer.

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