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Mashing Up Star Wars — Legally

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Happy anniversary to us. Lucasfilm is putting up some 250 clips from the six Star Wars movies on Friday to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first film’s release. Granted, that’s a very small amount of footage given the gazillion miles filmed over the years and they’re only 60 seconds long at most — for a truly grand gesture, George Lucas could promise not to go after anyone producing non-commercial mashups from any segment of the films — but more is promised. As WSJ explains, there is a catch or two as Lucasfilm works with Eyespot, which will provide the editing software. No nudity, etc. so each video will be screened by a team in Costa Rica before posting. Also, the clips eventually will include ads with proceeds being split by Lucasfilm and Eyespot but no cash for the mash-up creators.

As that last bit should make clear, this is not being done for the fans as much as the franchise.