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Adderton Says He’s Still CEO But Amp’d Leadership Status Remains Unclear

As we wrote last night, lots of questions about Amp’d founder Peter Adderton’s status as CEO — is he in, is he out, is he somewhere in between? Today, Adderton told PEHub’s Dan Primack he’s aware of the various reports but “is still CEO” and that the company might issue an official statement. He admitted — as we reported — that internal discussions are underway about the company’s direction. (Dan is right — the bigger question here is where does Amp’d go?) Meanwhile, we continue to get conflicting information from sources close to the situation. More to come.
Rafat adds: I spoke to Adderton earlier today (I have been without internet access while on in NYC), and he is still there, as Dan reported too. He didn’t disclose much, beyond hinting that things are in a decisive phase for the company.