Facebook Finally Adds Video

Alongside welcoming a raft of third-part application builders today, Facebook announced its own video application. Users can upload and record videos directly to their profiles and send them as messages to friends. They will also be able to upload video directly from their mobile phones.

Facebook is clearly pushing the personal video angle, saying “We’ve designed the application to discourage misuse, and our users agree only to upload video of a personal nature that is about them or their friends, or created by them or their friends.” Videos will not be public or downloadable; they will only be playable by a member’s friends and networks.

The application is similar to Facebook’s photo offering, which is shaped around people tagging the social networks’ members as included in a picture. When members are included in videos, it will be noted in their friends’ news feeds on the site.

Video will not be added to users’ accounts automatically, but rather made available as an option, just like all new third-party apps. The company is restricting videos to 10 minutes and 200 megabytes.

Facebook had held out from including video uploads for much longer than most any social network (quite a few partner with companies like VideoEgg so they don’t have to do it themselves). Previously the company had allowed video embedded from outside sites through its share feature. It is also working on a personal video diaries show with Comcast’s video site, Ziddio.