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Analyst believes Leopard will ‘integrate Windows interoperability’

Since Steve Jobs announced the switch to Intel nearly two years ago, it’s been continually rumored that Macs would gain the ability to run Windows applications natively within OS X. And with Jobs set to reveal Leopard’s “secret features” at June’s Worldwide Developers Conference, the idea has taken hold of at least one long-time Mac analyst.

In a client note, PiperJaffray analyst Gene Munster wrote of the WWDC that the firm is “expecting a full-feature demonstration of Leopard, including a demo of how Leopard will integrate Windows interoperability.”

And if it doesn’t happen, I’ll just have to add it to the list of Biggest Apple Rumors (that never came true) along with the whole ‘iPhone delayed to October’/Engadget fiasco.

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6 Responses to “Analyst believes Leopard will ‘integrate Windows interoperability’”

  1. Integration of Windows Apps would mean integration of Windows Viruses, Dialers, Trojans and so on; right?!
    Better go for a solutions like Parralels or Bootcamp so the virus only gets your crap WinOS files

  2. Apple’s had the Intel processor for two years, and the Windows API since ’99. The number one reason Windows users give for not switching to the Mac is that they need applications that only run on Windows. And what sort of feature do you think would be so monumental that Leopard – which has had a “feature-final” developer beta out for months – would need to be pushed back almost half a year?

    Doesn’t seem that outlandish to me.