Nokia Sues Qualcomm For Patent Infringement


This was only a matter of time…Nokia is suing Qualcomm for patent infringement and seeking an injunction against Qualcomm’s infringing chipsets. Nokia said it has responded to the Qualcomm lawsuit filed at the beginning of April claiming it does not infringe the patents, which it also asserts are invalid. In the same court nokia has filed patent counter assertions against Qualcomm for its infringement of six Nokia implementation patents used in Qualcomm GSM/WCDMA and CDMA2000 chipsets. Nokia’s patents aren’t part of the standards but apparently provide substantial benefits when used. This is a tit-for-tat move by Nokia, which points out that “over the past 19 months Qualcomm has filed 11 patent litigation cases against Nokia seeking damages and injunctions”. Qualcomm and Nokia have different opinions over whether or not Qualcomm users Nokia patents, so the court case should provide some resolution to that. (release)

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