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Industry Moves: Brian Alvey Leaves AOL; Will Focus On Comics Site

Drat, I forgot start a “when will Brian Alvey leave AOL” contest … He outlasted the dealmakers who brought him into AOL with Jason Calacanis when Weblogs Inc. was acquired — and Calacanis, who departed unceremoniously late last year when Jon Miller was replaced abruptly as CEO. Now he’s finally announced a departure date of his own: as of June 1, Alvey is parting ways with AOL, leaving behind Weblogs Inc. and Blogsmith, the CMS company he and Calacanis sold separately to AOL.

For the last year, he’s been working on, co-founded with Mike Gold and Glenn Hauman and on the side. Now that — and whatever might come out of it — will get his full attention.